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The Worlds Most Powerful

Emergency Detox


Just One Packet is Equal to a 32oz Extra Strength Detox Drink

CertoClear Detox Drink Powder

Quality Ingredients, Powerful Detox!

  • Fruit Pectin Fiber
  • Creatine Monohydrate, Vitamin and Minerals
  • Fast Acting Carbohydrates 
  • Natural Detoxifying Herbal Mix
  • Manufactured in a cGmp Facility
  • NSF Certified Ingredients

Powerful Ingredients

Unlike most detox products, CertoClear is made in the USA, using high quality, Super effective, premium ingredients mixed and packaged in a cGMP registered lab. That means every ingredient is quality tested, certified and approved before it even comes into the facility.


This tiny powder packet carries contains all and more of the ingredients you would find in an OTC detox drink. The only difference its, it lasts longer, works better and fits discretely in your pocket. You no longer need to rush out for a detox product, or carry a bulky bottle or it with you, “just in case”. A packet thats no larger than a credit card, CertoClear is the ultimate in detox. You can carry it around with you for months and not even know it.

Easy and Fast

CertoClear makes detoxing a snap, it’s as easy as mixing with water. If you find your self in a pinch, just grab a cup or bottle with 16oz of water, tear open one to two packets and mix. CertoClear works fast, within one hour you will be free of detectable toxins!

Extra Strenght Detox in a Small Packet

One hour detox made simple and easy. CertoClear is a small packet of highly concentrated powder that fits in your pocket, just tear open and mix with water when you need it. Easy carry, store and use.

THC Clear, LLC and its products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Further, CertoClear© as well as any THC Clear© products are not intended for any unlawful purpose.